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Signs and Symptoms of Heart Disease

Your heart is the engine that powers your entire body, that fuels your organs with oxygen, and that is constantly at work. Even as you sit reading this your heart is beating many beats per minute. Heart disease can manifest in a number of different ways as there are different types of diseases that can affect how your heart. There are many signs to look for if you are concerned that you may be suffering from heart disease, and some of these will be outlined below. It's important to follow these up with your New York, NY, doctor, Dr. Len Horovitz, if you would like to learn about everything that you can do to protect yourself from the condition.

Risk Factors

Heart disease can refer to a variety of conditions that affect your arteries or the structure of the heart itself, all resulting in your heart not being able to work as it normally would.

Genetics can play a role in making you more prone to heart disease, but lifestyle factors can also increase your chances. High blood pressure and cholesterol, obesity, and smoking, to name a few, can all make heart disease more likely.

Signs and Symptoms

Chest pain or tightness are some of the most recognizable signs that you may be dealing with heart disease or a heart-related condition.

If you are suffering from heart disease, because your heart has to work harder you may notice high palpitation rates, as well as constant fatigue, and often night sweating.

Some of these symptoms, if they appear suddenly, could signify more than heart disease but an oncoming heart attack, it's important to seek immediate help if you suspect it.

Treatment for Heart Disease in New York, NY

Your doctor will guide you to the best treatment tailored to your own individual case, but treatment usually involves medication along with recommended lifestyle changes, and in severe situations, surgery may be prescribed.

If you are concerned about heart disease you should schedule a consultation with Dr. Horovitz in New York, NY, by dialing (212) 744-3001.

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